Colomba Viaggio al Sud

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Perhaps both from Persia: apricot and soft pistachio with dough, pistachio, candied apricots and whole roasted pistachios flavored with fleur de sel and pepper from Madagascar


Whole wheat flour, candied apricots 18.2% (apricots, granulated sugar and water), butter, egg yolk, granulated sugar, water, toasted and salted pistachios 6.1%, natural yeast derived from sourdough, type 2 soft wheat, pistachio paste 1.8% (shelled pistachios, icing sugar, seed oil), wildflower honey, cocoa butter, natural flavourings, pistachio almond glaze (granulated sugar, egg white, sweet almonds, fresh pistachios, paste pistachio, rice flour, corn flour, rice oil, inulin, salt and natural emulsion), salt, barley malt, vanilla pods.

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May contain traces of other nuts

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